About Vienna…

Things to do, to try and to enjoy in Vienna

  • Check out the Emperor’s “crib”, the Schoenbrunn Palace and the amazing gardens
  • Have a ride with a Fiaker downtown – classy but a very nice cityguide. Worth about 40/60€ depending on the tour. You will enjoy funny Viennese accents and accurate history guidance.
  • Have a classy dinner with Walzermusic and concert in the Kursalon Wien. Find further information here.
  • Stroll through the downtown area of Vienna and get lost in the historical capital of the empire 🙂
  • Take the “ring tram“, the hop on/off tramway circling the historic center
  • Vienna is famous for its pastries and coffee houses: visit them all! Look for Café Sacher, Café Central and so many more…and then go straight to our personal favourite, the Café Diglas (Weekdays with live music)
  • Of course, while hunting cafés: have a real Sacher chocolate cake at Café Sacher. Resistance. Is. Futile.
  • Have drinks outside the museums downtown, lavishly chilling on free outdoor sofas at the Museumsquartier.
  • Have a nice coffee at the Donauturm enjoying a nice view of Vienna from the Danube – and maybe make a bungee jump?
  • Visit a Heurigen, to enjoy the view and local wine from Vienna in Grinzing, which is a district.
  • Cool off to good food or music in the sand – Sand in the City next to Stadtpark downtown.

People in Vienna, they say, have a special kind of humor. This may be best explained with a joke:
In the last days of the First World War an Austrian officer met an officer from Germany and asked: “How’s the situation?” The German said: “Well, the situation is serious, but not hopeless. And what about you?” The Austrian officer answered: “The situation may be hopeless, but it’s not serious.”

You will find this way of life everywhere in Vienna. The best example in younger history is maybe the famous Café Hawelka. The Austrian singer-songwriter Georg Danzer honoured it with his song “The streaker at the Café Hawelka”. In the Video you also see the founders of the Café, Leopold and Josefine Hawelka.

And, by the way, Café Hawelka is the place, where the idea for SpaceUp Vienna was born, when @timmermansr and @meta-physik met there in winter 2013, so don’t miss it!